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Burnley Team in prestigious BAJA 500 race

A rally driver from Burnley has qualified for the Portuguese BAJA 500 in the Yamaha Super Finale.
Chris Speakman, of Speakman Contractors, will take on some of Europe’s best Yamaha drivers next month on the back of his success in the British Cross Country Championships.The father-of-three has so far raced the 72 miles around Bovington, Sweet Lamb, Forrest Estate in Dumfries, Scotland, and Walters Arena.
The businessman, who drives a Yamaha YZX, said: “I’ve been doing it for about two years. I got in to it through local business links. I was working on a job with Justin Birchall, who is currently leading the British Championships in a different class, and I ended up watching him for about three years. I decided to give it a go myself.”
The former Gawthorpe High School pupil will travel to the event with son and co-pilot, 16-year-old Oliver, daughter Brooke, youngest son Robin and team mechanic Graham Dickinson.
With a brand new vehicle presented to the overall winner, Chris said: “I’m loving it. It’s going really well. To get the opportunity to go out and represent Yamaha UK in Portugal is special.
“It’s quite an honour to be doing that. It’s a 10-day round trip in October so we’re looking forward to it.”It brings together all the leading Yamaha drivers from across Europe and their co-pilots.”  

Photos |Gary @ Songasport OffroadPhotos |

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